Attempts to Establish Eider Farms in the USSR, and Why These Failed


  • Alexandra Goryashko Independent scholar


Little-known information is presented on the efforts to set up eider farms in the USSR between 1930 and 1960. Here the reasons for the failure of these efforts, despite suitable natural conditions and the availability of research on eider farming technology for the northwest of Russia, will be discussed.

Author Biography

Alexandra Goryashko, Independent scholar

Alexandra Goryashko is a science writer from Russia. She studied animal psychology at the Moscow State University. Since 1980 she works with the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, helping in science research and in popularizing its work.

A member of the Sea Heritage Association, the Kola Ecological Center, and the Union of Litterateurs of Russia. An author of over 160 publications on the history of science, ecology, and nature protection. A winner of several Russian competitions among writers in the field of nature protection. Received grants from the Soros Foundation (1998) and Macarthur Foundation (2004). Obtained state stipend for literature and art (2001, 2002, and 2003).
Alexandra Goryashko is presently working on a book Wild Bird and Cultured Man. The Common Eider and Homo Sapiens: Fourteen Centuries of Interaction. The present article reflects, in a condensed manner, the content of one of the book’s chapters.