The Search for George DeBaptiste’s House: The Crooked Creek Flood of 1846



In this article, we used archival sources and Geographic Information Systems data to demonstrate the feasibility of the 1846 Crooked Creek Flood (Madison, Indiana, USA) having destroyed the home connected to abolitionist and Underground Railroad leader George DeBaptiste.

Author Biographies

Baas Christopher, Ball State University, USA

Christopher Baas is an associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Ball State University and a registered landscape architect. He earned his BLA at Ball State University and his master’s at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Christopher’s scholarly focus is documenting and interpreting historic cultural landscapes.

Darrin L. Rubino, Hanover College, USA

Dr. Darrin L. Rubino is a Professor of Biology at Hanover College. He is a graduate of Thiel College, earned his Masters from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and Ph.D. from Ohio University. His main research interest is dendrochronology, the study of tree-rings. He uses patterns of tree rings to understand the influence of historic human impacts and natural processes on forest structure, function, and composition.

Photo of a culvert.