Threats to the Hadzabe and Why We Should Care



The Hadzabe are seminomadic hunter-gatherers living in the Eyasi Basin of northern Tanzania. They are currently facing land loss and food insecurity at the hands of pastoralists, the Tanzanian Government, and other outside groups. These problems are exacerbated by discrimination against hunter-gatherers and forced villagization. Scholars study the Hadzabe because of their lifestyle similarities to early human hunter-gatherers and often use this as justification for protection of their way of life. The Hadzabe should be protected because their basic human right to live a sustainable lifestyle in their historical homeland is being threatened.

Author Biography

Seth Jones, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Seth Jones grew up in rural central Pennsylvania; currently, he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with a minor in environmental studies at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is interested in structural biology and the intersection of politics, sociology, and environmental sciences.

Photograph of a group of Hadzabe men resting under a rock formation.