Hostage to Nuclear Power Plants: Weekly Funeral Procession Protest at the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants, Gyeongju, South Korea


  • Minjung Noh Drew University, US
  • Shinyoung Kim Drew University, US


The residents, who live only 914 meters away from Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants at Gyeongju, South Korea, have continued a weekly funeral procession as the promise of safety that the government and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (KNHP) gave to the residents has not been kept. They continued their activism for more than six years, asking for government reparations and support for their relocation.

Author Biographies

Minjung Noh, Drew University, US

Minjung Noh, PhD, is assistant professor of transnational Christianity and gender at Drew Theological School. Dr. Noh works on the impact of transnational missions and gender norms between South Korea and North America.

Shinyoung Kim, Drew University, US

Shinyoung Kim, PhD, is currently pursuing his second doctoral degree at Drew Theological School. Dr. Kim received his doctoral degree from the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, with his research on the Christian environmental movement in South Korea.